VAT Specialist

Course Objectives:

  1. Assist all the employees who work in the Accounting, Finance, and Business Development Department in the successful implementation of VAT.
  2. To be familiar with the basic approved VAT terminologies, principles, and mechanisms on the local and global levels.
  3. Improving employees’ accounting skills for a comprehensive and correct understanding of VAT and everything related to invoices, data entry, and preparation of VAT returns.
  4. Providing an overview of VAT calculation according to different types of goods and services.
  5. Providing the necessary information to participate in the VAT specialist certification exam.


10 days



Targeted Group:

All employees in the finance and accounting departments, corporate tax officials, internal and external auditors, financial analysts, and chartered accountants.

Course Benefits/Advantages:

  1. Providing a comprehensive knowledge about Zakat on trade offers in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Learning how to prepare and evaluate Zakat declaration for the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority.

Course Key Components:

1. General accounting framework
2. Accounting cycle
3. Inventory adjustments and financial statements preparations.
1. General tax framework in KSA.
2. VAT theoretical and applied framework.
3. Tax policies and the scope of their application in VAT.
4. Accounting and tax treatment of VAT and its requirements
5. Rights, obligations, penalties, and VAT management.
6. A comprehensive view of the most important sectors covered by VAT.

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