Program request

Dear Customer, please following the below registration steps to ensure final and pre-registration in the courses:
First: Initial registration for the courses:
  1. Choose the course or courses you wish to join by clicking on the Join Now icon on the course page.
  2. Fill in the required information’s for the registration form and then click on the Submit button. By completing these steps, you will be initially registered in the courses you wish to join.
  3. Pre-registration does not guarantee registration for the course. The registration must be completed by following the steps for the final registration.
Second: Final registration in the courses:
  1. Find out the amount of the course fees through the course data page or by sending us a message on the WhatsApp number 0112200291.
  2. Transfer the course fee. IBAN information and the center’s email can be found in the Contact Us link or by clicking here .
  3. When the transfer process is completed, please notify us by sending a copy of the electronic transfer notification to the center’s e-mail ( or through WhatsApp on the center number 0112200291.
  4. Registration in the course is not considered final until the amount of the course fee has been transferred.
  5. In the event the registration is not completed, the Center has the right to remove the name of the registrant initially and replace it with another without prior notice.


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