Introduction and Objectives of the program

The main objective

the program is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and applied skills (in theory and practice) for everything related to value-added tax in the contracting sector within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (In general) and the contracting sector (in particular).

Program sub-goals:

  1. Providing participants with scientific and technical information and concepts on the concept of value-added tax and its applications in the contracting sector, within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Clarify the legislative aspects related to the Unified Agreement for Value Added Tax for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, the system and executive regulations, and the guides and instructions issued by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority regarding the contracting sector.
  3. Introducing the latest updates that have been made regarding the amendment of the value-added tax due date when contracting establishments deal with some government agencies to which these updates or amendments apply.
  4. Training participants on procedures and mechanisms related to submitting tax returns, objections, and grievances.


2 days



Target group:

Accountants and financiers, lawyers and legal advisors, businessmen working in the contracting sector, employees involved in the field of taxation in general and contracting.

How to apply:

In presence or via video communication (remotely).

Main topics

  1. Theoretical and applied framework for VAT.
  2. The application of value-added tax to the contracting sector (construction, building and maintenance).
  3. Input VAT tax deduction.
  4. Transitional provisions and the effect of increasing the value-added tax rate.
  5. Tax (VAT) returns and declarations.
  6. Examination, evaluation, and appeal.
  7. Fines and penalties for non-compliance with the added tax.
  8. Questions, inquiries, and special cases.

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