Basically, all programs are accredited by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation


According to the method of implementing the required program, either in person in the training halls or through the e-Learning platform


One branch in Riyadh, Al-Malqa district – for more details, please see the Contact Us page or click here


Al-Rikaz Training Solutions Center specializes in providing training programs in the fields of financial, taxation, zakat and business by certified trainers with high quality and effectiveness for various establishments in all regions of the Kingdom.


Training programs are designed so that the theory is clarified and supported by cases and practical exercise to ensure the maximum benefit from the program


Each training program has its own specificity and duration of implementation, and depends on the method of implementing the program in terms of whether it is in face to face or Online


To know the training fees, you can view the details of the training program or communicate with the Training Department through the Contact Us page or through various communication channels


The registration process takes place in two stages
First: Initial registration in courses: by selecting the appropriate program and sending an application to join the course
Second: Final registration in the courses: by paying the fees for the program and sending the payment form
For more details, please review the registration procedures for training programs or click here.


You can contact the center through
– Phone number and WhatsApp +966112002291
– social media channels


The nomination is made by sending a request from the entity with the names of the candidates to the e-mail of the training.Inquires@Alrikaz.com.sa for the initial registration and the application of the discount policies if applicable, and then sending the payment receipt


Trainees have the right to cancel the registration for the training program, but within the cancellation policies that were provided through the registration request or through the website and can be viewed by clicking on the attendance policies link

The center seeks to provide developmental training programs specialized in the following aspects
– Zakat Program
– Tax Program
– Financial Programs


Al-Rikaz Solutions Center provides a set of discounts for group registration 15% (2 or more) and for university students 20%, but without combining the two discounts for one training session, and requires coordination with the Training Department after the initial registration and before payment to determine the amount of payment and send the necessary information and documents
Regard to professional certificates offered by the center, such as the International Accounting Standards Program in the public sector IPSAS, the center provides the supporting documents by attending the training program for issuing the visa to attend the examinations of international bodies without any responsibility on AlRikaz solutions training center, in case the visa is refused


We have a team of highly qualified experts in Zakat, Tax and finance dedicated to your success. We are committed to our customers satisfaction through reliability, transparency, efficiency, and providing high-quality services.