Customer Complaint Policy


The customer has the right to submit any complaint in which he considers that he has been subjected to injustice. At Alrikaz Training Solutions Center, we seek to provide the best images of dealing with customers and ensuring their rights. These procedures aim to deal with customer complaints to ensure effectiveness and find appropriate solutions without any delay through a set of procedures Through which customer complaints are considered and dealt with effectively and appropriate solutions are reached


The Academic Training Department is the relevant point of contact for receiving, reviewing, and handling customer complaints and then communicating with customers to inform them of the recommendations and review findings in relation to their complaint.

Procedures for filing and handling complaints

Procedures for dealing with customer complaints have been established to facilitate and facilitate the consideration of customer complaints, which are submitted for various reasons that may be caused by administrative decisions or actions issued by the management of the center or its employees and the customer believes that the work was done or implemented incorrectly or was unfair as follow:
  •   Any customer has the right to file a complaint, if it is within the scope of the work of the Alrikaz Training Solutions Center.
  • When submitting a complaint, the complainant must provide all the necessary information (name, contact numbers, the subject of the complaint, providing the necessary information related to the subject of the complaint) and any complaint that does not contain the information necessary to communicate with the client or is not related to the work of the center or its employees will be considered.
  • Fill out the Customer Complaint Form.
  •   The client will be informed, within 3 working days from the date of receiving the complaint, of the status of the request and the complaint will be dealt with and a response will be provided to the client within 10 working days§  The customer will be answered and informed of the decision reached. If the customer agrees to the decision, the complaint will be closed immediately after the decision is implemented.
  • If no additional communication or message is received from the complainant within 15 working days from the date of the final written response, the complaint will be considered closed.
  • All complaints are considered and handled confidentially.
  • If the complainant remains dissatisfied with the outcome of the procedures related to his complaint, the complaint can be submitted to the competent authorities.
  • If a period of more than one month has elapsed since the expiry of the session, no complaint shall be submitted after the lapse of this period from the date of the session.

Procedures for receiving complaints

# Phase Notes
1 Receipt of the complaint request (e-mail, website, complaint form).
2 Check the order 3 working days
3 Examination Result Rejection (Notifying the client with the reason) Complaint accepted
4 Complaint handling 10 working days
5 Notifying the beneficiary result of the treatment
6 Closing the request based on the data generated in this regard

Channels for receiving and escalating complaints

  1. The training center’s channels are below:
  2. The National Center for E-Learning
  3. Technical and Vocational Training Corporation
    General Administration of Private Training
    Tel: 011-2088400
    Fax: 011-2087978

Complaint Form